George's Crusade For NephCure

George's Crusade For Nephcure

George's Crusade For Nephcure

Thank you for visiting our page my sister and I started for our brother: George's Crusade for NephCure.

George was first diagnosed with Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome at age 3. He relapsed at age 6 and just recently at age 10. It was a very tough time for our family because of all the heavy doses of steroids he had to endure and the effects it had on his body and personality.

Thankfully, today he's has been in remission for 6 months, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have bad days. We always see the worry in our parent's faces when he tests high and immediately it takes over our hearts. Every single day is unexpected and we do the best we can. 🙏🏼

For years, Isabella and I discussed how we can help those going through these same experiences. We are happy to have found NephCure and we are devoting our fundraising efforts for this amazing cause.

NephCure Kidney International ® is the only organization committed exclusively to support research seeking the cause of the potentially debilitating kidney disease Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) and Nephrotic Syndrome, improve treatment and find a cure.

How you can help:
You can help by donating to this page, where all of the funds raised will go towards NephCure Kidney International, which helps in spreading awareness for kidney diseases and aids in the research for finding a cure for this disease. You can also help to spread awareness about this disease by sharing this page with your family and friends.

Thank you so much for helping us fight against Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome for our brother. Let's fight this together!

- Natalia & Isabella K.


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So happy God answered our prayers! We love you, Georgie!!
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Prayers with you all always
6. Lee Family
Talia and Bella, what a great thing you guys are doing, so proud of you! Love, Carmen, David, and Darius