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Kyla Brent Foster & Devyn Hueber

Kyla Brent Foster & Devyn Hueber

Devyn was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome shortly before her 3rd birthday.
She began taking steroids as well as a host of other medications to combat the horrible side effects of the steroids. Unfortunately, she continued to relapse and was deemed a steroid dependent frequent relapser. Anti-rejection meds were added to her daily medication list. We were hopeful the combination of steroids and anti-rejections would get her, and keep her, in remission. Unfortunately, she continued to relapse.

After much consideration, we are now moving on to a new treatment plan. Devyn will be taking a 12-week round of chemotherapy. We are praying that this will finally get her into a medicine free remission.

Every medication that Devyn has been on have numerous side effects. All suppress her immune system make her more susceptible to illness and her body has a much harder time fighting illnesses.

Our goal on raising funds for NephCure is to help find a cure for this disease once and for all!

Thank you for taking the time to read Devyn’s story! ❤️


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It's our prayer that with every step everyone takes on the Walk, that it represents just that much closer to a cure. Devyn is a real trooper!
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Love you Devyn!
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