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Brandon Ridings

Brandon Ridings

2 years HERE WE COME!! There were times we never thought we'd see the day...times where a black cloud seemed permanent and a light at the end of this "tunnel" we always heard about seemed non existent. Through this journey we learned it is possible to be all cried out and there are things in life that lead to an ultimate test of faith...Throughout it all, there's one person whose optimism remained constant, whose faith was never shaken, whose smile never left his face...and that's Little B. As we watch him grow into a young man, he continues to humble us, and we have learned that what was expected to break us (and ultimately him) has molded him into the most Amazing, Kind Hearted, and Humble person. And like previously stated, 2 years of med free remission is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate...than to raise some money for the one resource that has been constant through it all, the Nephcure Foundation. I truly believe without them, this boy we love so much may not be as well off as he is today. The treatments, resources and overall research breakthroughs have helped him and my whole family more than words can say. Once a broken little boy holding a pair of hockey skates sitting in the bleachers unable to compete because he wasn't healthy enough to do so, is now able to play the game he loves with no restrictions. We are not new to this "game", we know Brandon still has a battle to fight for the next couple of years...but we also know he will beat this, because through God, Faith, Family, Physicians and Nephcure...the only option is success! Please help us celebrate this milestone by adopting this foundation with even just a one time donation...ALL IN FOR A CURE!!

Little B (Rhino) and the whole Ridings and Williams Family


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