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Claudia Gomez

claudia gomez

Hey guys! Thank you all for stopping by and checking out our Neph-Walk team and welcome.

For those that are new to our journey: Aaliyah was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome around the age of 3. It came with multiple admissions to the hospital, procedures and many trial and error treatments that unfortunately are still a part of our daily life’s.

We’ve been blessed enough to have a team cheering us on and praying for us. Our family will never have enough to thank everyone that has become a part of Aaliyahs Journey.

We invite you to register and share this walk with us. This will be our first NephCure walk as a family since Aaliyah has been admitted during the previous ones. And what better way then to have our family and friends by our side. We hope to see everyone there! -Aaliyah & family


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