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Team Alli

Together we can help find a cure for Alli and everyone else like her struggling everyday with Nephrotice Syndrome and FSGS. It is an uphill battle she has been fighting for over five years. To have a rare form of kidney disease means there is not much medication that helps her achieve complete remission. This means frequent relapses and hospital stay. Which is why we are walking to help find a cure. We are blessed and thankful for the abundance of support and love she has from those around her. Thank you, family and friends. We appreciate and love you all.
Best - Alli, Hailey, Angel, & Suzy

Suzy Cortes
  • Hailey Maldonado
  • Allison Maldonado
  • Angel Maldonado
  • Jacob Samaniego
  • Bentley Cruz
  • Ruben Cortes
  • Herlinda Gallardo
  • Joba Espinoza
Liz Maldonado
  • Sofia Rubio
  • Mia Rubio


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