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Team Shawn!

Catherine Oh

Catherine Oh

Hello Family and Friends,

Another year is in the books and that can only mean it’s time for the annual NephCure Walk in support of Team Shawn! Our 10th Annual Walk and Fundraiser!

As most of you know, our son Shawn suffers from a rare kidney disease. The cause is unknown and there is no cure. When Shawn was 3 years old he underwent a kidney transplant - but this is a treatment and not a cure. The doctors tell us a transplant will typically last between 10 to 15 years - most likely Shawn will need another kidney transplant in the future.

We made a choice to fight this disease with all we had and we have not fought alone – all of you have helped support us and our mission to ensure that Shawn and other children (and adults) who suffer from this and related conditions lead normal and healthy lives.

We ask you again to help us bring awareness and raise money for NephCure Kidney International, the only non-profit foundation focused on finding treatments and a cure for this rare condition.

As far as Shawn's health - he is doing well. This coming July we will celebrate 10 years post transplant. We like to say Shawn takes quite a bit of upkeep medically but he is well worth it. He continues to be one of the most positive people I know. Even through frequent blood draws, many doctor visits with multiple specialists, daily medication and drinking three liters of water a day - this kid always has a smile on his face. If anyone can make the best of this situation - he can.

Given the challenges many face, we welcome donations from those in a position to do so and greatly appreciate prayers and encouragement from those not in that position this year. We know that there are many other well-deserving charities to support, and thank you for considering NephCure Kidney International among them.

Together we can make a difference! Best - Cathy



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