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Team Zane

Hi Family & Friends!

We're taking part in our first ever LA NephCure Walk on April 7 in Santa Monica. This event raises awareness and funding for NephCure Kidney International, the only non-profit foundation focused on finding a cure for a rare kidney/auto-immune disease called Nephrotic Syndrome/FSGS - the condition that our 2.5 year old son Zane lives with every day.

Zane wasn't born with this condition & we don't know the cause. Not long after he turned 1, he started swelling up so badly that his eyes were swollen shut. It wasn't a simple allergy, but something more serious. A quick blood & urine test indicated that he was losing important proteins through his urine. His kidneys weren't filtering properly & his initial diagnosis was Nephrotic Syndrome. We learned that the kidneys started spontaneously scarring themselves & without treatment to get into remission quickly, the scarring will cause the kidneys will eventually fail, which leads to dialysis & kidney transplant(s).

Unfortunately, the aggressive medications didn't work for Zane for the first year. After multiple medications, numerous hospital admissions, and countless ER visits, his diagnosis changed to a more severe type of nephrotic syndrome called FSGS - a rare version of the already rare nephrotic syndrome. And if he does gets a kidney transplant, there's a 50% chance that the new kidney will develop the disease again. There is no cure to this awful disease.

We are grateful to our family & friends have adjusted their lives to support us. Even people we don't know have been praying for Zane. And right now, it seems to have made a difference. To the surprise of even Zane's kidney doctors at CHLA - Zane miraculously went into remission about 3 months ago! We are for grateful for this blessing and thank everyone for their support, thoughts, & prayers.

This is a lifelong chronic condition for Zane. There's currently NO CURE for nephrotic syndrome/FSGS. Remission just means that the lifespan of his kidney is extended for the moment, but he can fall out of remission at any time unexpectedly & then, his kidneys will resume scarring themselves. He takes medicine daily, goes to the labs to draw blood monthly now, adheres to a special diet, and participates in events like the LA NephCure Walk. Despite this all, this kid always has a smile on his face.

We'd like to invite you to JOIN OUR TEAM to walk with us and/or DONATE to support us in finding a cure for nephrotic syndrome/FSGS. Will you please join us in this fight by making a donation today?

Together we can make a difference!

- Team Little Milk Monster (aka Zane)

p.s. If you'd like to join our team at the 2019 NephCure LA Walk on April 7th, please see more details below: give.nephcure.org/LosAngeles/Static/Event-Info


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