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My name is Van Remenar and I am a pretty ordinary kid except for one thing. I participate in Boy Scouts, football, and lacrosse and am a member of the National Junior Honor Society, but what makes me different is I have a very rare disease called Nephrotic Syndrome. Nephrotic Syndrome is a disease where my body loses too much protein through my kidneys. I was diagnosed with this disease at 8 years old and at 13, I’m still fighting Nephrotic Syndrome. When I first got the disease, I was very sick, I spent several weeks in the hospital. I had to undergo a kidney biopsy, switch to a gluten and dairy free diet, and took several medications. While on medications, I gained 20 extra pounds of weight and swelled in my face, feet, and ankles. I was on medications for 18 months before going into remission. Luckily, I have been heathy in the past 3 years, only having to go on medicine for a total of 8 weeks during that time. This is not the case for many other children. Some need to have several surgeries and even a kidney transplant, spending holidays and birthdays in the hospital.

Since I am very fortunate to be healthy and successful, it is important to me to find a cure not only for myself, but for other children with Nephrotic Syndrome. To raise money and awareness, I participate in runs and have developed my own team. I have run the 10k in the Orange Classic for the past four years and this will be my fifth year participating. My team, the Fighting Kidneys, and I have raised over $33,000 over the past several years to donate to NephCure, a non-profit organization raising awareness and supporting research for better treatments and ultimately a cure.

We hope to continue to raise more money and awareness for Nephrotic Syndrome, so please donate today! Also, I would love for you to join my team. This is very important to me because with your help, together we can find a cure and end Nephrotic Syndrome.

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Let us make this this best year yet!

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