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Essex County Kidney Kampaign

Christopher Perrault

Christopher Perrault

For patients with Nephrotic Syndrome, the current Covid-19 crisis is a time of great anxiety. Diseases like IgA Nephropathy - which I was diagnosed with last year - FSGS, and Minimal Change Disease among others are typically a result of your immune system attacking your body instead of protecting it for various reasons. They often lead to kidney failure requiring dialysis and/or transplant. There is no cure for any of these diseases, there is no way to prevent them, and the current treatment options are severely limited. On top of all that, these are diseases that don’t get the attention they deserve. Most of you reading this post are likely hearing about Nephrotic Syndrome for the very first time.

So this is where Nephcure comes in. Nephcure Kidney International is an organization led by patient volunteers and parents/loved ones of patients who decided to take matters into their own hands when there were no resources available. They’re dedicated to bringing awareness of Nephrotic Syndrome to the masses and to providing funding that has resulted numerous clinical trials that have only just begun over the last several years. These are some amazing people and I’m proud to join them on this journey!

But this work doesn’t get done without the necessary funding. Like a lot of organizations the current pandemic is going to impact the fundraising efforts we have planned for the coming year or more. Regardless we have no choice but to push forward with so many people depending on us to get the word out and get the necessary funding to move forward towards better treatment options and eventually a cure.

This is where YOU come in. Your contribution (no amount is too small) helps inch us closer to our goals as lofty as they are!


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