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Keepin' It Renal

Keepin' It Renal

Hello, it’s me again! It has been a year since Tyler has been considered in “remission”. Remission is a scary word for anyone, not to mention when you are speaking about your child. As many of you know, Tyler was diagnosed over a year ago with Nephrotic Syndrome, caused by minimal change disease.
Most children and adults never reach a full remission and are constantly on steroids for long periods of time or even forms of chemo drugs to try and stop protein from spilling. We thank God every day that he remains in remission and pray that he never relapses so that he can have a childhood that is not plagued by medicine. Every ache, every cough/fever/runny nose makes me anxious and stressed out as illnesses are a huge trigger for a relapse. Nothing is guaranteed as there is no known cause or cure for this rare disease. We give our support fully to NephCure Kidney International, which is the only organization helping to find a cure and are running clinical trials for this Rare disease. Please consider giving a donation to this wonderful organization and coming to the walk, September 21st, this year. Every dime helps in finding a cure! Please feel free share this to your page as well! Thank you!


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1. Melissa Wooten
We love you Tyler!
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Max loves Tyler and hope they will remain friends forever!
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We will be thinking of you. Wishing the event be a huge success!! Love, Susan & Tony
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