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Thank you for visiting our new page! As you probably know, we have been involved with NephCure since our first Denver Walk in 2014. At that time, we really didn't even understand the gravity of Teagan's condition, and we even thought there was a chance she could outgrow Nephrotic Syndrome. We were grateful for the network of doctors and patient families who we leaned on for support and understanding to navigate the first months of what would become our new normal.

Five years later, we are still in full support of NephCure Kidney International knowing their cause is our best and only hope for a better future for Teagan. With dozens of clinical trials going on right now, even a chance at a medication to take the place of prednisone would be a huge advancement for families like ours who battle FSGS. We feel fortunate that Teagan has been in remission for almost 5 years, yet we still constantly fear illness, hospitalizations, and relapse.

Having realized the importance of raising funds to support ongoing research and trials, NephCure has stepped up their game this year in an effort to place less pressure on patient families by hosting larger regional events with corporate sponsors. Following the success of events in Tampa and Silicon Valley, our region's Rocky Mountain Pig Jig is now the focus of our family's support. We are so excited to be a part in this fun, family-friendly festival that will feature a BBQ competition, beer garden, live music, and a Kids Zone with a variety of bounce houses and carnival games. If you can't make the Pig Jig in person, please consider donating to our cause.

Thank you for your love and support, from the bottom of our hearts and kidneys!!!



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