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Team Madi Bean

Christine Floto

Christine Floto

On behalf of Team Madi bean we welcome and thank you for your donation. As friends and family know, Madi is in the fight of her life, fighting a chronic kidney disease known as FSGS. What this means is her filtering units in her kidney are damaged and continue to be damaged as her kidneys continue to spill protein. Nephcure Kidney International is the only non profit that helps fund research and bring awareness to this disease in hope to find a cure.

What does your donation do? Your donation helps Nephcure support families like ours and fight the battle with us to find a cure. Because of Nephcure, we have had the opportunity to advocate to big pharma and the FDA. We have been able to attend conferences to meet other families walking this same journey. Madi has been able to meet other kids with this disease and gather emotional support from others that understand her fight.

As parents, we can't control how her body will respond to meds as we fight this disease. We can join forces with Nephcure to educate, advocate, push for a cure and build a community of support.

Together we can fight this battle and make a difference and hope for a cure!!

Team Madi Bean


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