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New Jersey Pig Jig

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New Jersey Pig Jig


The 2021 New Jersey Pig Jig is a dynamic fundraising event featuring a BBQ competition benefitting NephCure Kidney International (NKI). NKI is a patient advocacy non-profit organization whose mission is to bring better treatments to patients suffering from rare protein-spilling kidney diseases, including Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS.

This event started in 2008 when a group of friends organized a simple backyard BBQ competition in Tampa Bay, FL in support of their dear friend who had lost his kidneys due to an aggressive form of Nephrotic Syndrome. The Pig Jig is now a national event, with festivals held annually in Tampa, Florida, San Jose, California, and Colorado Springs, Colorado.
And now we are bringing it to New Jersey!

The event will feature live music, amateur BBQ competition in a tailgate-like atmosphere and family friendly fun.

The New Jersey Pig Jig is an annual fundraising event featuring live music, great food, a BBQ competition, drinks and games.  The event benefits NephCure Kidney International, the only non-profit organization committed to supporting research, improving treatment and finding a cure for protein spilling kidney disease. 

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