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Deidre Quinn

Deidre Quinn

This cause is very dear to me, & I appreciate all the support I can get! As a member of this Team, we are each playing a part in helping NephCure Kidney International save kidneys and save lives. I work very hard to be as healthy as I can, but my reality is that I am someone who has a higher chance of developing kidney complications than the average person. SLE has been known to cause 30% of patients living with Lupus, to experience kidney failure. It is something that rightfully scares me. If you are not familiar with the details, I encourage you to research it. Together, us humans can do great things if we educate ourselves & choose to care. =) I hope you will pass this on & spread the word! Thank you for visiting my page-
Please feel free to join me, there is no financial obligation to do so.

NephCure is funding the best and brightest researchers, educating patient families across the globe, and partnering with pharmaceutical companies to find a cure! Will you please join us in this fight by making a donation today? Together we can make a difference!

Best - Deidre


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